AR and Privacy Google+ Hangout

Mass Market Mobile AR and Privacy: Contradictions and Compromises
Hosted by IEEE
Tomorrow, Friday, 28 March 2014 
12:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.)
Watch the Google+ Hangout here
As the use of mobile Augmented Reality (AR) becomes more pervasive, companies and individuals are exploring many new opportunities to simplify their lives and streamline their businesses. Most AR systems are delivering information just in time in small, context-sensitive bites, and are also capable of capturing every movement and adapting over time with use. The same sensors are also capturing the faces of those who are unintentionally in the camera’s field of view. Our panelists for this session are experts in information privacy, identity management, and personal data. Join us as they share their opinions about the impacts AR may have on corporate and personal privacy.

Topics we will discuss:

• What happens to the personal information these systems collect?
• Is there a contradiction between wanting contextually-sensitive service as well as privacy?
• What compromises are being made by users?  By businesses?
• What policies are in place today and how are those being tested, enforced or ignored?
• When and where will concerns for personal data and privacy override the desire (or need) for instant access to contextual information?

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