Privacy and Personal Data in a Connected World 101, Google+ Hangout, hosted by IEEE

Welcome to the world of hyper connectedness!  It is predicted that in the near future users will have up to 5 active addressable devices and as many as 25 passive devices.  At this rate, the connected ecosystem is poised to have over 200 billion active devices collecting and managing data by the year 2020. What does this all mean? It means that as the world continues to connect people, devices, and networks, many new opportunities arise — opportunities of commerce, marketing, industry, mass production & farming, convenience, security, surveillance and more.   In this next installment of the 2014 IEEE-SA Google+ Hangout Series on Privacy, we’ll explore the intersections of opportunity, legality, and interoperability as they relate to IoT.

And in a space as dynamic as the Internet of Things (IoT), questions are being considered that are both technical and policy driven in nature, including:

  • What is the Internet of Things versus the Internet of Everything?
  • How will data producing IoT change marketing and commerce?Are there information sharing or data privacy implications?
  • What technical and policy standards exist in the space and what standards might need to be initiated to bring more value to participants while helping to assure reasonable user trust within systems?
  • What types of access control should be in place to manage the masses of data the IoT generates?
  • What special considerations need to be taken given that much of the data generated in a connected world may be associated to a person’s identity or habits, what are the privacy and security implications of IoT, and how can data, collected by IoT / IoE devices and networks, be protected?


Watch the Google+ Hangout here

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