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New languages enter the scene, and big data makes its mark

Source: The 2015 Top Ten Programming Languages – IEEE Spectrum


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The 2015 Top 10 Programming Languages
IEEE Spectrum (07/20/15) Stephen Cass

In cooperation with computational journalist Nick Diakopoulos, IEEE Spectrum has released its second annual ranking of programming languages. Forty-eight languages were included this year and are ranked based on weighting and combining 12 metrics from 10 data sources, including the IEEE Xplore digital library and Github. The rankings are weighted to broadly represent the interests of IEEE’s members, but users can apply filters to tailor the rankings to their specific situation using the Top Programming Languages Web app. The first half of the top 10 remains the same as last year, with Java ranked number one, followed by C, C++, Python, and C#. The biggest move in the top 10 is statistical computing language R, which jumped from number nine last year to number six this year. R is useful for analyzing and visualizing big data, and its jump in the rankings reflects the growing importance of such capabilities. Meanwhile, PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby each fell one place to seven, eight, and nine, respectively. Matlab retained its number 10 spot. The 2015 rankings saw the addition of seven languages, including Apple’s Swift and Nvidia’s Cuda, and the removal of ASP.NET, which IEEE Spectrum determined did not meet its definition of a programming language.

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