Why Google Banned Connect Mobile – Business Insider

Why Google Banned Connect Mobile – Business Insider.

Cofounder Casey Oppenheim thinks Google categorized the app as an ad blocker and that’s why it was banned.

Google, which gives Android away for free and relies on advertising for the bulk of its income, has famously removed other ad-blocking apps from its app store. It also doesn’t want to host or promote apps that could harm the advertising revenue of other developer’s Android apps.

But Oppenheim says his app is not a classic ad blocker and was carefully constructed not to violate any of Google’s rules. In a blog post, he writes:

“Disconnect focuses on protecting people from invisible tracking and sources of malware, and all too often these threats come in the form of advertising.

… The fact is, we are not opposed to advertising and think advertising plays a critical role in the Internet economy. But we are 100% opposed to advertising that invisibly tracks people and compromises their security.”

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