Welcome to the web site of Euclid, the Algorithms and Privacy Research Unit!

The Research Unit belongs to the Programming and Data Processing Lab (a.k.a. Internetworked Systems Lab) of the Democritus University of Thrace.

Mission Statement

The design and analysis of Algorithms is a fundamental part of Computer Science. The study of algorithms is important both for the foundations and for the applications of Computer Science. “Euclid”, the Algorithms and Privacy Research Unit studies algorithmic problems in modern applications of Computer Science. Besides classical topics in Algorithms, the Research Unit studies also recent and emerging fields like Social Network Analysis, Privacy Enhanced Technologies, Federated Machine Learning and Blockchain Technologies.

Main Research Topics

Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Randomized Algorithms, Social Network Analysis, Opinion Dynamics, Algorithmic Aspects of Privacy, Federated Machine Learning, Blockchain Technologies.

6th Place (out of 7 winners) in Google’s NeurIPS 2023 Machine Unlearning Challenge