Welcome to the web site of Euclid, the Algorithms and Privacy Research Unit!

The Research Unit belongs to the Internetworked Systems Lab of the Democritus University of Thrace.

Mission Statement

The design and analysis of Algorithms is a fundamental part of Computer Science. The study of algorithms is important both for the foundations and for the applications of Computer Science. The Algorithms and Privacy Research Unit studies algorithmic problems in modern applications of Computer Science. Besides classical topics in Algorithms, the Research Unit studies also recent and emerging fields like Algorithmic Game Theory, Stream Algorithms and Algorithm Engineering.

A special interest of the Research Unit concerns the relation of modern cryptography with the theory of algorithms and computational complexity and how cryptographic primitives and protocols can be applied for privacy-preserving computations. A major research activity of the Unit is on performing computations on personal data while protecting the privacy of the data.

Main Research Topics

Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Randomized Algorithms, Algorithmic Game Theory, Opinion Dynamics, Social Network Analysis, Algorithmic Aspects of Privacy, Management of Personal Data.