Current Projects

Completed Projects

  • ATLAS (Advanced Tourism Planning System), GSRT/CO-OPERATION (proposal evaluation results: 17th out of 581 submissions)
  • SPICE. Space Internetworking Center – SPICE, European Union Seventh Framework Programme, grant agreement no 264226
  • myVisitPlanner. Personalised System for Cultural Itineraries Planning; Collaborative Research Project, Funded by the General Secretariat for Research & Technology, GSRT research grant 09SYN-62-1129,`myVisitPlanner’. Participation through CETI/Athena, dept. of Computational Systems and Applications.
  • SPHINX. Robust Internet Services: Distinguishing Humans from Computers via Interactive Audio Means, funded by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology, GSRT/CO-OPERATION/SPHINX Project (09SYN-72-419)
  • HellasHPC. National Network of Excellence in High-Performance Computing – HellasHPC, funded by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology

Internal Projects

  • Opinion Dynamics and Algorithmic Game Theory. Started 2013.
  • PoiGraph. Applying social network analysis to lists of points of interest (POIs) in order to extract important information about the POIs and the relations between them.
  • Pythia, started 2013. Privacy-preserving construction of user-owned profiles from digital traces of smart devices.
  • Triodin, 2008-2015. Using Algorithmic Game Theory on (TCP/IP) Networking Problems.
  • Polis, 2007-2015. We consider a world, which abides by the following principle: All personal data is considered private. Every individual has absolute ownership of her personal data, which reside only at the owner’s side.